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Advanced Technology

Dr. PappDr. Papp Talks About the State-Of-The-Art Technology Available at the Office

We strive to keep our practice up-to-date in the latest dental technology and techniques. This allows us to provide you with top-quality care that is more successful than ever before. By utilizing advanced x-ray scanners and computers, much of the guesswork in dentistry has been removed in favor of predictable, accurate results. We have also incorporated minimally invasive techniques to help us give you a more comfortable experience with an outcome you can depend on.

Advanced Technology in Our Practice

Advanced Technology Delaware, OH

The Wand® Anesthesia +

Advanced Technology Delaware, OH

For those afraid of needles, The Wand allows us to gently apply local anesthesia with significantly more comfort than a traditional syringe. With a computer assisted delivery of anesthetic, you will feel minimal discomfort and experience minimal numbness in areas that are not supposed to be affected.

Digital X-Rays +

Advanced Technology Delaware, OH

Digital imaging allows us to get a more precise and detailed view of your jaw over traditional film x-rays. As an added benefit to patients, digital x-rays involve significantly less radiation exposure and the images are immediately available for both you and us to view on a computer.

Piezosurgery® +

Advanced Technology Delaware, OH

This technology allows us to gently cut through bone by using ultrasonic vibrations, while not harming soft tissue. This improves the patient experience as there is minimal chance of damage to soft tissue and provides us with more control during surgery.

Plasma Rich Growth Factors +

Advanced Technology Delaware, OH

By creating plasma from a sample of your own blood, we can enhance the healing process of surgeries. This assisted regeneration of tissue allows for a more complete healing of the surgery site, meaning a shorter recovery time for you.

3Shape TRIOS® Intraoral Scanner +

Advanced Technology Delaware, OH

An Intraoral scanner allows us to create digital, three-dimensional impressions of your mouth without the gag-inducing material. We can send the information we obtain with this scanner to a dental lab, which will be able to create a more precise restoration.

Cone Beam CT (CBCT) Scan +

Advanced Technology Delaware, OH

This is an ultra-fast, highly detailed x-ray of your jaw and surrounding structures, such as bone levels and nerve locations. This allows us to more accurately plan the placement of your dental implants for improved success.

Radiosurgery +

Advanced Technology Delaware, OH

Radiosurgery is used to precisely eliminate tissue with radiation rather than with scalpels. This is a minimally-invasive approach that reduces bleeding and allows surgery to be performed quicker, with more confidence and in areas that are harder to reach with lasers or scalpels.

We invest in this dental technology in order to provide you with the most comfortable and high-quality dental care possible. Using these advancements, procedures have become more minimally invasive and safer. Many of our patients report a higher level of satisfaction with their treatment outcome after receiving care with some of our advanced technology. Continuing education is also important to us, giving insight on new advancements and allowing us to speak with other clinicians from around the country about their success and experiences with other forms of advanced technology. You deserve the best care and we aim to give you that with the help of our practice’s technology.


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