Implants Offer the Chance to Invest in Your Smile and Enjoy Long-Term Results

If you are missing multiple teeth, have failing teeth or are completely edentulous (without any teeth), you may understand how much more difficult life has become. Over 35 million Americans suffer from total tooth loss, and the majority have dentures to replace them. While dentures are effective, Dr. Papp offers a more permanent and natural solution to complete tooth loss with All-on-4® full-arch dental implants. This process combines the permanence of dental implants with a full-arch prosthesis. All-on-4 provides a natural look and feel and is more permanent than dentures. With proper care, you will never have to worry about removing or replacing your prosthesis again.

All On Four Teeth

The All-on-4® Process

When performing this procedure, we will evaluate the condition of your mouth, extracting any necessary teeth before placing the dental implants. Using a cone beam CT scan, we will have a detailed map of your jaw and supporting structures, like bone levels and nerve locations, to begin planning implant placement. The All-on-4 system is ideal for patients who have lower levels of bone volume as it typically requires four or six dental implants to be placed in strategic areas of the jaw. After your implants are in place, we will create a permanent prosthesis that attaches to the implants, and that looks and functions just like natural teeth.

All-on-4 Provides Numerous Benefits

  • Eat and speak with confidence

  • Natural appearance

  • Stronger bite and improved taste

  • Enjoy the foods you love

  • Permanent with proper oral care

  • No adhesives or pastes

  • Comfortably rests on implants, not gums

  • Preserves jaw bone health

​​​​​​​The All-on-4 procedure requires specialized care and attention to detail when planning the implant placement and during the surgery itself. Dr. Papp has been practicing dentistry for over 17 years and received advanced training in implant dentistry from the Midwest Implant Institute. For those with dental fear or anxiety, Dr. Papp is certified in IV sedation, to provide the ultimate in relaxation and pain-free dentistry. Our patients typically enjoy an improved quality of life after replacing their missing teeth with this state-of-the-art solution. Imagine being able to eat your favorite foods and being confident in your smile once again.