Before Dental Implants

Before Dental Implants

Is Your Jaw Bone Healthy Enough for Dental Implants?

Implants are the ideal method for replacing missing teeth. They are also the only solution that engages the bone, keeping it healthy. But implants a need certain amount of bone to be successfully placed. Replacing teeth with implants soon after tooth loss offers the best chance for a healthy foundation. The longer teeth stay unreplaced, the more the bone deteriorates, taking with it the ideal scenario for implant placement. Have you been told you are not a candidate for implants due to bone loss? Dr. Papp offers sinus lift and bone grafting services, which are common procedures that strengthen the foundation of your smile and prepare your bone for implant placement.

Sinus Lifts Create the Space Needed for Upper Implant Placement

Before Dental Implants Delaware, OH

Replacing upper molar and premolar teeth presents a challenge for some patients. Expansion of the nearby sinus cavity may shrink the space needed for implant placement. Bone deterioration or inadequate bone height cause an unlikely environment for implants. In such cases, Dr. Papp performs a sinus lift. Gentle elevation of the sinus floor and placement of bone creates the density needed to successfully support your implant.


Dental Implants

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Bone Grafting for Successful Implant Placement

Bone grafting is a very common procedure that enables implant placement, in many cases. Bone loss from gum disease or prolonged tooth loss often leaves too little support for your future implants. Dr. Papp effectively rebuilds areas of bone loss with advanced bone grafting techniques. These procedures add bone to strengthen and reshape the arch, helping you overcome tooth loss with lasting implant solutions.

Dental Implants from Dr. Papp offer exciting changes for your health, smile and quality of life. Our patient-driven practice has helped many people experience the amazing benefits of implant solutions. We want you to enjoy these benefits, too! We use advanced technology like 3D imaging for precision execution of bone grafting and implant procedures. Dr. Papp’s expert technique and skill ensure the most minimally invasive process possible for reduced recovery time and a fast return to health. Our sedation solutions and gentle approach cater to your needs every step of the way!


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