Know How to Prevent Gum Disease

The health of your mouth means more than the brightness of your smile or the straightness of your teeth. It is also about your gums. Even if you have the pearliest whites and are cavity-free, that does not make you immune to gum disease. Unfortunately, this disease is usually painless. So, most people do not even realize their gums have a problem.

Do You Have Gum Disease? Know the Signs

Incredibly, humans have been struggling with gum disease for so long. One may have imagined that the types of foods that we have nowadays would be to blame for gum disease. However, gum disease is often a result of poor oral care. It usually develops gradually, quietly, and painlessly. Most people only take notice when it has developed to more advanced stages.

Debunking Common Dental Implant Myths

You may have heard about dental implants if you have suffered from tooth loss. They are a form of restorative dentistry that your dentist surgically places into your jawbone. The replacement teeth get mounted onto it once the implant posts are in position.

Tips to Relieve Pain from Sensitive Teeth

Different problems can cause tooth sensitivity. Activities such as brushing, drinking, and eating can be unbearable most times. Fortunately, some tips can help reduce the pain from sensitive teeth. Some of these tips can work for you in the comfort of your home. To learn more, consider the following solutions.

5 Ways COVID-19 Can Affect Your Mouth, Teeth, and Gums

Your oral health has a strong connection to your general physical health. Recently, experts have been researching the effects of COVID-19 on the health of the mouth. According to studies, there is a connection between the two. Approximately two in every 10 patients with COVID-19 experience some form of oral health issue. This can be in the form of loss of taste or dry mouth.

Can Tooth Sensitivity Go Away?

Sensitive teeth can be frustrating. They can hinder you from enjoying the meals and drinks that you love. You can stop having your sweet desserts due to sugar sensitivity. Sensitivity to cold will make you avoid drinking your favorite cold beverages and ice cream on a hot sunny day. If you wince after tasting hot soup or a hot meal, all you may want is to find a solution to your problem.

What Should I Ask at My Implant Consultation?

Getting dental implants is a big step, and it’s essential that you feel fully prepared. This means finding the right implant dentist to carry out the work and finding out as much information as possible ahead of your procedure. It can all feel a little overwhelming, so to help, we’ve put together a list of questions that you should ask at your dental implant consultation appointment.

Know the Warning Signs of Dental Implant Failure

A dental implant is a sensitive procedure that no one should take lightly. The operation is a safe and reliable way of bringing back your smile. If an implant is successful, it can last for more than 30 years with proper oral care and hygiene. Still, dental implants fail on rare occasions.

Is There an Age Minimum to Get Dental Implants?

Implant surgery is a dental procedure that involves replacing tooth roots with artificial posts to help substitute missing or damaged teeth. The screw-like metal posts anchor artificial teeth that look and feel like natural ones. You can find out if there is a minimum age to get these alternatives to bridgework and dentures. 

Tips for a Speedy Recovery From Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are one-piece screws with a diameter of 0.1 inches. These are ideal for patients missing a single tooth who cannot get traditional implants. Here are tips for a speedy recovery from mini dental implants. 

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