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Replacement for Permanent Teeth

We get our first permanent tooth at the age 6 and over the course of our lifetime our teeth wear out due to demands we place on them. It’s amazing they last as long as they do considering the harsh environment we subject them to. Here are Delaware Smile Center- we have the most talented hygienist and doctors to perform thorough evaluations of your teeth and soft tissue to make sure our patients are the healthiest they can be.

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Dentures or Dental Implants

We always get the question about whether or not dental implants are worth the investment. I’ve yet to meet any patient who I’ve provided treatment for who hasn’t wished they had gone the route of replacing missing or failing teeth with dental implants. Patients who replace their missing teeth love that dental implants feel natural and just like a natural tooth.  Dental implants can be used to replace one tooth or multiple missing teeth. They can also be used to reconstruct a full arch and give patient their smile back. I hear time and time again that being able to smile in pictures has been priceless, not worrying about dentures falling out mid conversation or just being able to eat and chew the foods properly has had a significant health impact on the patients life. Ultimately it is about quality of life and patients that choose dental implants over dentures are just happier and one less things to worry about.

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New Tools and Treatments to Make Your Dental Care More Effective

When you are suffering from dental health problems it is easy to look around and see the seemingly healthy smiles of those around you and think that you are the only one dealing with such issues. Yet ask your dentist in Delaware, OH, and he or she will tell you that poor oral health has reached epidemic proportions in America. To stem the proliferation of this problem, dental providers have made significant strides in treatment technology in recent years. These advances allow dentists like Dr. Papp to not only make your treatment more comfortable, but also more effective in ensuring that your smile remains healthy for decades to come.

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How to Determine if a Root Canal is Necessary

Two words, 4 letters and 5 letters, everyone’s worst nightmare. You guessed it: root canal. I’m here to tell you that they aren’t so bad! As long as you get the tooth checked out right away, extreme measures can be avoided.

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The Main Culprit of a Cavity and How to Tackle it

Every time you go to the dentist, they tell you to floss more. While this is sound advice that you should take, most people do not comply. A cavity does not go away. A cavity does not heal. Ignoring a cavity leads to tooth decay, infection and even tooth loss.

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5 Causes of Teeth Sensitivity

Have you ever suffered from the sensation of “brain freeze” just from drinking a glass of water? Is ice cream almost unbearable because it hurts your teeth? Overall, tooth sensitivity can lead to this feeling and more. Tooth sensitivity can come from plenty of wrongdoings. These are the most common places where tooth sensitivity stems from.

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