Aftercare Instructions for Dental Implants

Now that you have your dental implants, it is important to take care of them diligently. This will ensure that you avoid discomfort, unnecessary pain, and complications. Most dental implant post-op symptoms are normal and can be taken care of at home easily. Here is a guide to help you with the full aftercare of your dental implants for the next few weeks. 


The Day of Surgery


The care process begins on day one, post-op. You will still have the effects of the anesthesia, and you also need to rest. Do not drive — arrange for someone to take you home. Do not touch the area with the implant and avoid rinsing your mouth forcefully.


Managing Pain


After the anesthetic wears off, you will start feeling pain. Your doctor will offer advice on what products and dosages to take. This is because some common painkillers interfere with the osseointegration process. As a rule of thumb, do not take painkillers at a frequency of more than every six hours. If the pain persists, seek advice from your doctor.


Controlling Bleeding


Bleeding is normal and happens for up to 72 hours after surgery. After surgery, you need to sit upright and bite down on the gauze for about an hour. Repeat every 6 to 10 hours after that. Refrain from anything that compromises blood clotting like smoking, using a straw, or forceful spitting. 


Control excessive bleeding by remaining calm and biting down on a moist black tea bag. The tannic acid helps slow down the bleeding by constricting blood vessels to aid in clotting.


Minimizing Swelling and Bruising


These are also common post-op symptoms of dental implant surgery. Swelling and bruising will normally disappear on their own. However, you can use an ice pack to reduce them as well. Place the ice pack on the swollen area for about 15-20 minutes and repeat when necessary for 48 hours. Sleeping in a propped position will also help reduce swelling.


Get Enough Rest


Although you can get back to work the next day if your job is not strenuous, getting some rest is a better idea. Take some time off work if you can. Avoid vigorous exercises and get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. This is a big part of the healing process.


Proper Oral Hygiene


To avoid implant failure, ensure the environment around it is clean. But when brushing your teeth, do not touch the implant area. Rinse with warm, salty water. Remember to use a traditional brush instead of an electric one. As your implant heals, incorporate flossing and rinsing with mouthwash.


Proper Diet


For a week following surgery, avoid hot drinks and hard, crunchy foods. Abstain from alcohol and smoking as they interfere with osseointegration. Drink water and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.


General Aftercare


Your doctor will schedule a visit two weeks after surgery to remove your stitches and assess healing. Keep regular dental checkups after this and stay alert for any signs of infection afterward.


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