Benefits of Mini Implants

In the past, missing a lot of teeth meant using low-cost but uncomfortable dentures. Years later, standard dental implants, which were convenient but pricey, became available. But now, a newer technique to fix missing teeth is possible, especially for elderly people.


How Do Dental Implants Work?

Dental implants are popular because of their exceptional durability and stability with reconstructions that resemble and function just like natural teeth. It uses a process called osseointegration, which refers to the direct contact between bone and an inert object.

In other words, implants involve a surgical procedure where titanium posts are securely fixed into your jawbone. When your bone fuses with the post, the implants become permanent, essentially becoming part of your body. Follow along to learn more about mini implants and how it could be the best solution to restore your perfect smile.


Four Benefits of Using Mini Implants

Whether you lost your tooth due to disease, decay, or accident, missing teeth can be challenging at times. It can affect the way you speak, make biting and chewing food difficult, and shift your other teeth resulting in bite issues. Sometimes, losing your teeth also means losing some of your jawbone mass, thus causing your face to look shrunken or older.

But with dental implants, you no longer have to worry about these setbacks anymore. Here are the four reasons why you should consider mini implants to fix the gaps in your smile:

• Smaller in Size. One of the best things about mini implants is that they are only half the size of traditional dental implants. Since they don’t require as much bone structure as that of the regular one, progressive bone grafts (which are often painful and costly) can be avoided.

• More Affordable. Another reason to consider mini implants is the fact that it’s relatively more affordable compared to the traditional option. Since it’s easy on the pocket, you can now expand your treatment options, such as finally going for the neat bridgework on your teeth that you always wanted.

• Less Invasive. Mini implants require a minor oral surgical procedure. Your dentist or oral surgeon will open your gums with a small incision. As soon as your jawbone is exposed, they will place the implant, then close your gums. Mini implants are much narrower than traditional dental implants. Since the space required is less, the procedure generally causes less trauma to your bone and soft tissue. With less pain, you will also spend less to relieve the discomfort.

• Completely Safe. Mini implants are biocompatible, meaning the materials used are not harmful to the living tissues in your mouth. Failure and complications involved in mini implants surgery are very rare. It is completely safe and even approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Besides, mini implants are made of medical-grade titanium, which is strong and stable. They don’t cause dental disorders, such as decay or periodontal disease.


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