Dentures vs. Dental Implants

In the world of dentistry, there have probably been no bigger debates for our patients than the struggle between dentures and dental implants. Let’s face it, having to replace your permanent teeth isn’t something that everybody wants to deal with.

However, ensuring that you can still have a beautiful smile and maintain the lifestyle that you deserve is critical. At Smile Center, we understand that making this decision is not easy, and that is why we are here for you every step of the way.

If you are considering your tooth replacement options, call today, and schedule your appointment. If you can’t make it in right now, we broke down some of the most critical information so that you can better understand your options today!


Understanding Dentures

If you ask a random person on the street about dentures, chances are they are going to conjure up a negative image of George Washington’s wooden teeth, or a relative who accidentally lost their dentures during a holiday meal. Fortunately, dentures have come a long way from George Washington’s time, and dentures falling out today is largely a Hollywood tale.

Dentures are a replacement tooth option that is constructed of a single piece of material. There is an upper and lower portion of the denture. The lower portion is designed to look like the gums and fit over your existing gum tissue. The upper portion of the denture looks and functions just like your natural teeth.

Dentures are removable, so you can take them out every night before bed and allow them to be cleaned while you sleep, and in the morning, you can put them back in. While dentures are specifically designed to fit into your mouth and can be further adjusted, they are also held in place by an adhesive to keep them from falling out.


Understanding Implants

Dental implants are another form of permanent tooth replacement, but instead of mimicking the gums and upper portion of the tooth (the crown), an implant replicates the entire tooth. Dental implants are made of two parts. The first is called a post. The post looks like a small titanium screw and is inserted directly into the bone underneath the gums. The top portion sticks out above the gums, and a custom implant crown is attached to the top.


Implants offer a few specific advantages over dentures, though. The first is that the placement of the post directly into the bone helps to stop and reverse the process of resorption. This is when the body recognizes that the bone is no longer needed and starts actually to remove the bone from that area. The post mimics the roots of your tooth, so the body thinks that it needs to add more bone to help support it. This can increase your bone density and strength.

Dental implants are also treated just like your natural teeth. This means that they always stay in your mouth and do not require special adhesives or cleaners. You simply brush and floss them just like your natural teeth.


Additionally, there are a variety of dental implants available. You can replace a single tooth or an entire arch of teeth with dental implants with the All-on-4 or implant-supported dentures. These systems utilize the placement of implant posts in strategic locations, and then the entire top portion is simply attached to the exposed portion of the post.



If you are considering your long-term tooth replacement options, contact Smile Center today and see the difference that we can make. You deserve to have a confident smile, and we can help you make your dream a reality.