How Long Does Professional Teeth Whitening Last?

Teeth whitening is by far the most common treatment in cosmetic dentistry. Achieving a whiter, brighter smile is something that most people desire. There are good reasons whitening toothpaste and other whitening options have become very popular. 


There are different options for people looking to improve their smiles, but professional teeth whitening is still the best option. Most people want to know how long professional teeth whitening lasts.


Results of Teeth Whitening


Regarding how long the teeth whitening results last, the answer is simply—it depends. The truth is that the results differ from one individual to the next. The effects of the whitening can last two to three years for one person and six months for the next. 


Some things affect the whitening results, including smoking and dark beverages such as coffee, tea, and red wine. Staining foods such as berries and beetroot will reverse the whitening fast. A good oral hygiene routine will help maintain the whitening results for long periods. 


In-office Teeth Whitening 


If you decide to get your teeth whitened professionally, you have a few options. The method that you choose will determine how soon it will take to whiten your teeth. The dentist performs in-office whitening at the dental clinic using a highly-concentrated whitening agent or solution. Heat or laser light accelerates the whitening procedure. One can achieve the desired whitening results in one or two hours. 


At-home Whitening Kits


The other option for professional teeth whitening involves using dentist-supervised at-home whitening kits. The dentist will prepare mouth trays that fit your mouth and contain the whitening agent. 


You wear the custom-made trays for a few weeks to get results. The gel-whitener you get from the dentist is stronger than over-the-counter solutions. You may begin to see results in about one week, but it can take up to four weeks for optimum results.


Teeth Whitening Choices


Most people have some degree of tooth discoloration. It is vital to realize that when it comes to natural teeth color, the degrees vary. When you decide to whiten your teeth, you must discover the right shade for you. A shade that works for one person may not work for the next. 


The last thing you need is to whiten your teeth and have them look unnatural. A bright white shade may not be your natural color. It is necessary to visit a dental professional who can give you the most natural-looking smile.


Type of Teeth Discoloration


The type of staining or tooth discoloration you have will determine the results of the whitening treatment. There is intrinsic or internal staining and extrinsic or external staining. Intrinsic staining can be the result of trauma, aging, medication, and infection. 


The stains are more difficult to remove, but the right type of treatment can eliminate them. Extrinsic stains are caused by food, drinks, and smoking. Most whitening treatments can remove these types of stains. Professional teeth whitening will remove both intrinsic and extrinsic stains. A dentist needs to examine your teeth before you get whitening treatment. 


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