Is All on 4 The Answer

If you’re asking yourself, “My mouth is failing, what do I do?” All on 4 dental implants may be the answer.

There are times when, after enough time and money spent on dentistry, our mouths may still require a complete overhaul. Periodontal disease, decay, or broken teeth are culprits of a failing mouth. So the question becomes, “What to do?”

With the All on 4 procedure, dental implants are placed so that the patient can receive a new set of teeth in just one day. The teeth are attached to the dental implants and the patient’s mouth is restored back to function with a smile designed specifically for them.

The benefits of the procedure include the removal of all the infection, which are the leading causes of bad breath, heart disease, heart attack, stroke, and liver issues. Patients who have had the All on 4 procedure have had their confidence restored, which can have a tremendous impact on their social, business, and personal lives. Patients who had the All on 4 procedure rave about the social impact and how it has transformed their lives and those of their families from being able to eat to smiling wide for family pictures.

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