New Tools And Treatments To Make Your Dental Care More Effective

When you are suffering from dental health problems it is easy to look around and see the seemingly healthy smiles of those around you and think that you are the only one dealing with such issues. Yet ask your dentist in Delaware, OH, and he or she will tell you that poor oral health has reached epidemic proportions in America. To stem the proliferation of this problem, dental providers have made significant strides in treatment technology in recent years. These advances allow dentists like Dr. Papp to not only make your treatment more comfortable but also more effective in ensuring that your smile remains healthy for decades to come.

Advanced Treatment Technologies

Many of these new technologies are at your disposal at The Smile Center. These include advanced treatments such as:+

  • Piezosurgery®: Utilizing ultrasonic vibrations, Piezosurgery® allows us to cut through diseased bone while leaving the healthy surrounding soft tissue untouched. This helps to deliver more accurate treatment while minimizing post-operative pain.

  • Radiosurgery: Radiation replaces scalpels in radiosurgery, which allows Dr. Papp to operate more effectively by reducing bleeding and promoting faster recovery times.

  • Plasma rich growth factors: Speaking of recovery, yours can be reduced even further by creating plasma from samples of your own blood to help speed up the process of tissue regeneration.

Improved Diagnostics and Treatment Delivery

Advances in dental technology have not only been limited to treatment methodologies. Improved diagnostic tools such as digital x-rays, cone beam CT scanners and 3Shape TRIOS® intraoral scanners allow us to map out the inside of your mouth with greater accuracy and detail than ever before. This not only assists in identifying the issues affecting you but also in developing a more efficient treatment plan. Added advantages like The Wand® anesthesia allow you to experience treatments with even less stress and pain.

Remember that all the technology in the world is meaningless if you fail to take advantage of it. Trust in the ability of our team here at The Smile Center Ohio in Delaware, OH to use it to your advantage. Contact us to schedule an appointment today to see which of the many treatments that we offer is the best option for you.