The Importance of Back-to-school Pediatric Dental Exams

The beginning of the school year is a tough time for most parents. The to-do list seems to never end. On the to-do list, school supplies and a health examination are usually the top priorities for parents. When it comes to children's health, most parents focus on their eyesight, hearing, and physical tests.


Moreover, a dental report is required by most schools before the start of the academic year. It is mandatory in certain states. Why then is a dental checkup for children necessary?


A Fresh Start


It feels great to start the year with a clean slate. Starting the school year with a clean and fresh breath will raise your child’s self-esteem and make them feel more confident. Additionally, it will make it easier to maintain good oral health throughout the year. 


Early Detection of Problems


The dentist will clean your child's teeth and assess the child's risk of tooth decay during the dental exam. Additionally, they may fill any cavities that have already formed. Dentists also discuss nutrition and oral hygiene habits and teach how to clean and floss teeth properly.


Avoid Absences


Cavities are the most frequent illness in children. A back-to-school exam will fix this situation, and your child will not have to miss school. Aside from that, they will learn how to properly care for their teeth, which will help avoid any future cavities.


Overall Health


According to research, having good oral health corresponds with having good overall health. Moreover, untreated dental decay can lead to malnutrition and infections. Discomfort caused by different dental diseases might make it difficult for children to focus on schoolwork or extracurricular activities.


Less Money on Dental Care


Many parents may avoid dental exams because they are expensive. However, by having regular dental exams, parents save money in the long run. 


It Is Easier to Schedule


When school starts, the kids are busy with homework and extracurricular activities. It is easier to schedule an appointment right before the child goes to school. This would also mean that you do not disrupt school time. 


Many Kids Do Not Brush Their Teeth Properly


Many kids have not mastered how to brush their teeth properly. In fact, most of them do not like brushing their teeth at all. This can lead to plaque and cavities. When left untreated, cavities can lead to tooth decay and eventually tooth loss. 


How to Maintain a Healthy Smile?


After the dental exam, you can help your child to maintain a healthy smile by:


  • Monitoring their sugar intake - Kids love candy, sugary snacks, and drinks. However, most do not brush their teeth properly after. This causes tooth cavities which can be very uncomfortable for them. Parents can maintain a healthy smile by regulating sugar intake during and after school hours


  • Ensure the child brushes twice a day - This is basic in maintaining healthy teeth. Ensure your child brushes their teeth using fluoride toothpaste. If they are small kids, monitor them to ensure they do not swallow the toothpaste. Additionally, you can have your child floss once a day

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