Highly Cosmetic Crowns and Bridges Blend Seamlessly Into Your Smile

Dental crowns and bridges are two common procedures that restore health and beauty to the smile. In fact, over 15 million Americans have a crown or bridge replacement for missing or damaged teeth. Crowns rebuild teeth after damage or decay, returning them to their original form and function. Bridges replace missing teeth to reestablish biting function and esthetics. A consultation with Dr. Papp determines if one of these procedures is right for you. Our crowns and bridges are both restorative and cosmetic, and rise seamlessly from the gum line for a look as natural as your real teeth!

Discover crown and bridge benefits

Crowns are individual units that provide complete coverage and protection for single teeth. Bridges are two or more crowns fused together to span the space of missing teeth. Dr. Papp offers the exciting option of 3Shape TRIOS® intraoral scanners when creating crown and bridge restorations. With these handheld scanners, we can take digital impressions of your teeth to gather more accurate information. This is a minimally invasive approach that does not involve gag-inducing impressions but rather sends the information straight to a computer. This technology allows your crowns and bridges to be created with more precision and seamlessly blend right into your smile.

Benefits of Bridges

  • Restore bite

  • Replace one or more missing teeth

  • Keep surrounding teeth in place

  • Look, feel and act like natural teeth

  • Elevate self-confidence after tooth loss

Benefits of Crowns

  • Restore bite and repair decayed/broken teeth

  • Replace large, damaged fillings

  • Strengthen root canal treated teeth

  • Restore dental implants

  • Look, feel and function like real teeth

When you visit us for a routine crown or bridge appointment, our focus is entirely on you. We are a patient-driven practice and provide only the quality dental care you and your family deserve. Dr. Papp and our team offer a fun, comfortable environment, one where you actually enjoy getting the care you need for a beautiful, healthy smile! We ensure your total comfort throughout your visit. And with our use of intraoral cameras, treatment is easier than ever before.

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