Implants Offer the Chance to Invest in Your Smile and Enjoy Long-Term Results

Deciding on dental implants for tooth replacement is a big step towards a happy, confident smile. Whether you have lost one tooth or an entire arch, implants deliver lasting, life-changing benefits, unlike any other replacement method. Investing in implants now also helps avoid further oral problems that could cost exponentially more down the road. Are you ready to enjoy the oral health and smile you deserve? Dr. Papp and our friendly, knowledgeable team provide the implant solutions you need for a lifetime of brilliant, healthy smiles.

Calculating and Write

What determines the cost of dental implants?

Patients often wonder about the cost of dental implants. Each individual case is unique, and so is the overall implant cost. In some cases, certain treatments are needed to allow for implant placement. Dr. Papp offers the comprehensive services necessary to prepare your mouth for implant placement. Flexible financial options are also available to help you manage your implant treatment plan.

Factors and Procedures That May Affect Total Implant Cost

  • Number of missing teeth

  • Tooth Extractions

  • Bone grafting

  • Sinus Lift

  • Ridge augmentation

  • Ridge preservation

  • Type of restoration

  • Type of implant procedure

When you need tooth replacement, dental implants are often the best investment you can make in your smile. Choosing an experienced dentist who understands your dental history and overall needs is important for the health and success of your implants. Dr. Papp is highly trained and experienced in implant dentistry. As your family dental practice, we cherish the trust you place in us and the lifetime commitment we have to your family’s oral health. We are familiar with your dental needs and can help ensure you maintain meticulous homecare for lasting implant success.