Find Confidence After Tooth Loss with Custom Dentures

Is extensive or total tooth loss causing you to miss out on the best parts of life? Many adults across the United States are in the same situation. In fact, over 35 million Americans are completely edentulous (without teeth). The loss of teeth in any number changes your life in several ways. But losing an entire arch of teeth often leads to embarrassment over your smile. Even eating or speaking in front of others can make you feel self-conscious or socially withdraw. It is time to start living again! Custom denture solutions from Dr. Papp breathe life back into your smile. Easy, convenient and far more comfortable than those of the past, today’s dentures offer the solution you need to overcome the effects of tooth loss.

Custom Denture Solutions Go Beyond Traditional Methods

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Modern dentures are all about options. Dentures can be fabricated of lightweight materials, supported by a metal framework or even attached to implants placed within the jaw bone. Implant supported dentures have risen in popularity thanks to the wealth of benefits they offer your health. If you are looking for a more permanent solution to tooth loss, implant supported dentures may be the ideal tooth replacement for you.



Available Options for Patients

Eat, Speak and Smile with Total Confidence

With 17 years in practice, Dr. Papp has gained extensive experience in prosthetics and customizing denture solutions to meet the specific needs of our patients. A visit to our practice and one-on-one consultation can get you back to enjoying the best life has to offer. Together, we can review the denture options best suited for your unique case. Imagine how great you will feel when you eat, speak and smile with total confidence once again!


A healthy, confident smile is truly life-changing. Take the first step towards the smile you deserve, and schedule your denture consultation today!

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