Life-changing Benefits of Invisalign®

Getting the complete dental care your family needs should be convenient, easy and comfortable. It should also deliver the high quality, lasting results you deserve. Achieving optimal oral health often means wearing braces, for patients of all ages. As your general dentist, Dr. Papp has a unique understanding of your treatment needs. He and our team offer orthodontic care to help your family enjoy the benefits of healthy, straight smiles. From closing gaps to correcting the bite, you and your family can get the effective orthodontic solutions you need, right from your family dentist. Avoid referrals and save valuable time with braces from Dr. Papp!

woman with braces

Enjoy a healthy, Straight smile!

Technology has improved the orthodontic experience for today’s patients. Dr. Papp has received advanced training in modern orthodontics from the American Orthodontic Society. He and our experienced team are ready to deliver the advanced care you need to look and feel your best. We offer traditional braces for every age and Invisalign® for teens and adults. Both of these options address common orthodontic concerns, but traditional braces may be required in more severe cases.

Traditional braces and Invisalign correct problems like overbite, underbite, crossbite, open bite, spacing, crowding, rotation, and deviated midline. They are a tried-and-true system, proven effective for most orthodontic cases. This conventional system corrects a wide range of oral problems, from minor crowding to severe bite misalignment. But braces do more than just create a beautiful smile. With a straight, even bite, you can enjoy food more comfortably, and reduce the risk of decay and gum disease. Having straight teeth also makes brushing and flossing much easier. But most importantly, you gain confidence and higher quality living that only comes from having a healthy, vibrant smile!

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