Replacement for Permanent Teeth Delaware, OH

Replacement for Permanent Teeth

We get our first permanent tooth at the age 6 and over the course of our lifetime our teeth wear out due to demands we place on them. It’s amazing they last as long as they do considering the harsh environment we subject them to. Here are Delaware Smile Center- we have the most talented hygienist and doctors to perform thorough evaluations of your teeth and soft tissue to make sure our patients are the healthiest they can be.

When permanent teeth wear out there are a variety of options available. This could range from easily protecting the teeth with a protective cap called a crown or removing and replacing the tooth with a dental implant.

Here at Delaware Smile Center-Delaware, OH, we have performed hundreds of smile makeovers through the use of fillings, crowns and dental implants to get patients back to their optimum oral health. There are so many different options that exist for patients and until an examination or screening is performed it’s hard to tell which one is the right option for you.

Patients who may not have been seeking regular and routine dental care may have fears related to dental treatment. At Delaware Smile Center in Delaware, OH these fears can easily be put to rest. We provide a clean, modern and comfortable approach to dentistry and through the use of IV sedation even the most fearful patients can have wonderful and pleasant experiences.

If you are confused by your dental options, come visit us at Delaware Smile Center or our sister location Linworth Smile Center, Worthington, OH for a complimentary examination and let us help you get back to optimum oral health.

We offer full dental services at Delaware Smile Center, OH with an emphasis on full arch implant dentistry, All on 4 Dental Implants and Smile Transformation.

IF this is something that you think could benefit your life, check out patient testimonials on YouTube and our Facebook page. Call for a consultation today at 740-417-9565.

We offer this service in Delaware, Ohio, Worthington, Ohio and the Greater Columbus Area.

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