Implant-Supported Dentures

Once a patient loses one, or even all of their permanent teeth, it can have a drastic effect on their outlook on life. Fortunately, at Smile Center, we offer a variety of different options for our patients to regain their confidence and start to live the life that they want. One of the most effective tools that we offer our patients are implant-supported dentures.

While patients almost always know about traditional dentures, implant-supported dentures seem to have less familiarity. At Smile Center, we want to offer our patients the best available treatment for a wide variety of conditions, and implant-supported dentures are simply one of the best options to help replace your lost teeth.

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Understanding Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures are designed to be fitted over your gums. These dentures are removable and designed to be taken out and cleaned every night. Unfortunately, because they are so easily removable, many people often have experience with dentures falling out at an inopportune time. In addition, they require the use of special cleaners and adhesives. This additional cost also requires more planning when you want to take a vacation, or have an important business trip.

Traditional dentures also frequently move slightly around the gums as you eat and speak. This movement can irritate and inflame the gums. This can also cause additional wounds and the possibility of spreading infection throughout your body. Finally, when using tradition gums, the bone underneath the gums is no longer needed to securely anchor the teeth in place. The body recognizes that it no longer needs to support this bone, and the process of resorption begins.

Resorption is when the body begins to remove that bone material. This results in bone volume and strength loss. As the bone deteriorates, the potential for other issues, even facial deformities increases.

How Implant Supported Dentures can Help

Typical dental implants are made of two pieces; a titanium post that is inserted directly into the bone, and the crown. The post looks similar to a small screw, and the crown looks, feels, and functions like your natural teeth. Implant-supported dentures utilize the same technology, but instead of placing a single post and crown, four or more posts are strategically located around the entire arch of the mouth. A special denture is then created to fit your mouth and attach directly to the posts in your mouth. This process ensures that you get a perfect fit that won’t move around your mouth at an inopportune time!

Additionally, because implants use a specially coated post, instead of the body beginning the process of resorption, it starts to build new bone. This new bone is dense and strong and helps anchor the post in place, and improves the bone density in your jaw too!

Another contrast of implant supported dentures and traditional dentures are the care that is required to maintain implants. While dentures require you to purchase and use specialized adhesives, cleaners, and cases, implants stay in your mouth. Your dental routine will be just like your normal routine. One of the only cautions that we suggest is that you do not utilize abrasive toothpaste because they can scratch and damage the surface of your implants. Regular dental hygiene and appointments are necessary to keep your implants and your mouth in top oral health.


If you are looking at different options to replace and restore your mouth, contact our offices today. The staff at Smile Center hold the highest education to remain on the cutting edge of dental technology so we can offer you the best service and products to improve your smile and your life!

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