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EricEric Shares His Patient Experience with Sleep Apnea

What Are Some of the Ways Dr. Papp Has Helped Treat Your Sleep Apnea?

When I first came here, I got my teeth worked on. They asked me if I had sleep apnea, and it kind of started rolling from there. I told them yeah I do. I wear a CPAP. I wear it like half the night because I can’t stand the hoses. It would actually come off pretty early in the night. They said, “We offer the appliance for you here.” Then they sent me home [to take the sleep apnea test] at night. Over 30-some times a minute I would stop breathing, which I didn’t know. My wife would say, “You’re snoring.” When I found that out, I really wanted to do this. This is something that’s going to help me in the long run. It took probably about an hour, hour-and-a-half, to do all the fitting. I started wearing it, then I had to start taking home the apnea test so they could make adjustments on my breathing.

Eric Delaware, OH

My numbers kept coming down from 30 times a minute to the 10s and fives, which was excellent. The last one they did, about three months ago, when they took it that time, I was below five and now I don’t have the apnea. When you have sleep apnea, you don’t really realize during the day how tired you are.

You’re dragging the entire day. You can drink caffeine, you can do whatever, and it doesn’t help. So I’m getting a better, restful sleep, which gives me energy and makes me feel better during the day. I have more energy to do things. From where I’ve been to where I am now, it’s changed my life… almost completely around. Couldn’t ask for anything better.


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