Dental Implant Review

Judy's Story

JudyJudy Shares Her Patient Experience with Dental Implants

What Made You Decide to Receive Dental Care from Dr. Papp?

I had been without dental care for a couple of years, so I did have some problems. They immediately tried to make sure that they were taking whatever steps they could to strengthen my teeth, not only cosmetically, but I had a couple of cracks that they wanted to address. The next step was to consider an implant. I started with a lower implant and that went extremely well. I decided that when I had an upper tooth problem, to go ahead and do it there too. We’re in process on that right now. It was because I had confidence in him and in his ability and in his expertise that I decided that now is the time.

Judy Delaware, OH

How Would You Describe Your Dental Experience with Dr. Papp?

Everyone, from the time you walk in the door, calls you by name, treats you with respect. You know that that starts with him. You’re not just lucky to get 20 people who have the same philosophy. It doesn’t happen accidentally. It happens because it’s important to him, but he stresses it through example.

I am truly grateful that I found Dr. Papp, because I know that he does have my best dental interests in mind. When people are investing in face lifts, I think this is a far more important investment in how to keep yourself more youthful and attractive. It has made me realize how critical your teeth and your smile are to all your interactions and everything in your life.


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