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KristyKristy Shares Her Emotional Patient Experience with Our Practice

How Did You Feel about Dental Care Before Visiting Dr. Papp?

When my adult teeth started coming in, my left front tooth had a little brown spot on it. It was very embarrassing and I had my grandmother’s buck teeth. [I hid my smile] and I learned very quickly to hold my jaw out as absolutely far as I could to compensate. The last couple dentists that I went to… I didn’t feel comfort. I didn’t feel comfortable at all. They weren’t personable, had a hard time getting me numb on one side, left me sitting for too long. I was terrified that I was going to feel everything.

Kristy Delaware, OH

I actually got up, took my bib off, and left the office. I’m a real estate agent. I needed a nice smile. I didn’t have that. When I started the process here, I was terrified. When I came in, the staff was so nice and welcoming. Dr. Papp was very compassionate. He treated me with dignity, which was different from other places that I had been. People would look at my mouth and think, oh you don’t brush your teeth, you never do this, you’ve obviously never done that.

How Did Dr. Papp Help You Overcome Your Dental Fears?

They understood where I was coming from. They understood my anxiety that I was having about it. I never once doubted my decision to do this here. I was still scared, but I never thought about taking my bib off and running. I know I would stay and I felt like I was in the right hands. And the staff… I can’t say enough about them. I don’t worry so much about smiling anymore. I’m not the person [covering my mouth] or turning my head at the last minute when I know a camera is around. I have a lot more confidence. My headshot for my business was a lot better than my first one. I smile big now.

I’m really happy with the decision I made and thankful to the staff here. They took very good care of me. My family members will be the first ones to tell you, “Look, mom’s smiling! You can actually see her teeth!” I didn’t used to do that. My kids are getting older, they’re getting married, I have grandchildren now. Lots of picture opportunities. I look back through when my kids were younger, back through family photos, there weren’t many pictures of me. I shied away from the camera every chance I got. It has changed my life. It’s made me more confident. It’s changed a lot of things.


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