Implant Supported Dentures Review

Teresa's Story

TeresaTeresa Shares Her Patient Experience with Dental Implants

What Were the Dental Health Concerns that Brought You to Dr. Papp?

On my first visit here, when I visited Delaware Smile Center, I had a lower partial. It was a removable partial. I also had a three-part crown that was failing badly. It really was time to try something else. Dr. Papp looked at my teeth and he made an assessment. He said a removable partial would really not be the answer again, because basically I was losing some very critical teeth. I was losing my self-confidence, I was not smiling, I was kind of embarrassed about my smile.

Teresa Delaware, OH

I was having all kinds of infections and was on antibiotics and trying to get rid of my infections. That just seemed to be the best solution. He suggested to me that I might want to try dental implants with an attached denture. I was really kind of interested in that. When I came in for a consultation, we discussed the financial aspect of the procedure. I talked to the financial advisor and the team here. We worked out a payment plan that best fit our household and our budget at that time. He showed me pictures, he showed me examples. He actually had me touch the denture and look at the implants.

How Did Dr. Papp Help Restore Your Smile and Confidence?

He went over the whole procedure and the whole process. It has been life changing. Actually, on the day of the surgery when I came in, I was still apprehensive and really nervous. I remember looking at Cammy and going, “Cammy, am I really making the right decision?” She reassured me that I was definitely making the right decision. At the end of the day, he had done everything that he had set out to do.

I remember him placing the denture into my mouth, and the lab tech was there, and everyone was standing around to get my reaction. He gave me the mirror and I started to cry. I remember blowing kisses to the lab tech, going, “Thank you so much! This looks so nice!” My two daughters kept texting me, going, “Are you ok?” So I sent them a selfie and they both sent me this text back, going, “Mom, that looks amazing! You look amazing!” It just made me feel so good. I just can’t thank this office enough for giving me my smile back.


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