Extraction Services with a Personalized, Gentle Touch

A tour established family dental practice, we focus on providing comprehensive, high-quality convenient care for patients of all ages. Our services also include tooth extractions to save you from having to visit a specialist for this procedure. At times, achieving better oral health means losing a tooth. Extractions may be necessary to remove retained baby teeth, problematic wisdom teeth, decayed teeth or teeth affected by advanced gum disease. When you or your loved ones need a tooth removed, rest assured, our gentle extraction techniques get you back to enjoying a healthy smile in no time!

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Preserve oral health and prevent further dental problems

Dr. Papp and our caring team understand that it is never easy to lose a tooth. In fact, we do everything possible to save your natural teeth. But when a tooth can not be saved, extractions are the best possible solution for your smile. We make your extraction visit as comfortable as possible, and offer sedation options to curb any anxiety or fear you may experience. Extractions with Dr. Papp provide the relief you need for better oral health and higher quality living.

Oral Problems Caused by Tooth Infections:

  • Pain

  • Swelling

  • Bone loss

  • Damage to surrounding teeth

  • Difficulty eating

  • Systemic concerns

Replacing an extracted tooth as soon as possible is ideal in most situations. Dental implants are the closest option to natural teeth and provide the best long-term solutions for tooth replacement. Dr. Papp is highly experienced in oral surgery and implant procedures. He offers socket preservation to facilitate successful tooth replacement with an implant. This type of bone grafting procedure prepares an extraction site for future implant placement. With socket preservation, bone tissue is placed right into the space left by tooth roots. The bone graft fuses with existing bone to create a solid foundation for your future implant.

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